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New Widgets for RSS Feeds Now Available

The popularity of RSS feed widgets is on the rise. This information just begs one question. What in the world are RSS feed widgets?

Rich site summary, or RSS, is a format for delivering web content that is constantly changing. RSS feeds allow the content to be syndicated automatically. There are thousands, or perhaps millions, of authors who are online writing about thousands of different topics each day. It can be very difficult to keep track of without an automated system of some kind. That is where RSS comes in. RSS has also been nicknamed really simple syndication.

Widgets are more well known. They are small computer applications which allow users to access a service or perform a function. There is no technologically expertise or special experience required to use widgets. They can easily be added, removed or rearranged and are often found on computers, smart phones and other devices.

There are many different RSS widgets available. There are android RSS widgets that provide information on smart phones. WordPress RSS widgets add content and features to sidebars.

RSS feed widgets are all over the internet. They are often used to display blog posts, images, videos, tweets or other information that is syndicated on other websites. Many widgets are available for free.