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DUI is an extremely serious offence which can be detrimental to your current as well as your future. DUI lawyers can remove your name from the record and guide you to the next step in dealing with DUI. There are a few common concerns in relation to DUI which you may be asked, first, do you get a ticket for DUI? The law allows for an DUI ticket. You will most likely be arrested and taken to jail. Also, your license might be suspended.
A common concern that many have is, can the law impose jail sentences for the very first DUI? This is an equally valid question. Jail time is possible. Most of the time, you’re likely to be required to stay at least one night in jail, or, at the very least, until you’re sober. After that, you’ll be given to someone who will bring you back home. It is also possible to participate in a program known as”deferral. “deferral” which will allow you to get your license reinstated, contingent on whether you were convicted of a DUI and if you were not. If you are convicted of a second or more DUI incident, you’re almost always going to go right to jail until the trial date. cotf8xjsu2.