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Geting the News You Want, Now

It’s not that news is happening any faster than it ever has in the past. It’s just that we’re less willing to wait to hear it. The dramatic increase in the speed of news dissemination only makes it seem like there’s more news to be had—which, of course, only makes us that much more anxious to get it all as quickly as possible.

Luckily, the cause and the cure are neatly wrapped up in one package. While the Internet may be the reason we can’t wait for news, it’s also the best way to make sure we never have to. RSS feed widgets are available in every possible operating system to ensure that all the news we want to know comes right to our computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Apple’s iOS platform provides hundred of standalone RSS widgets (ahem, excuse me, “apps”), while the desktop version of Apple’s software allows for browser-embedded widgets and gadgets to keep a scrolling tab on the news that matters most to you. No dedicated RSS feed reader in the latest version of either their mobile or desktop software, but tech junkies are hopeful about the rumors of an Apple smartwatch, and any accompanying RSS capabilities it may contain.

The Google Play store provides its share of Android RSS widgets from its scrappy base of developers (nearly 80,000 strong), but the customization options available to Android users make RSS slightly more appealing to non-Apple users. Android RSS widgets can utilize the home screen of a device, and easily resize, reposition, or reformat a feed to fit the user’s exact preferences and device theme.

What will the future hold? How will Google Glass and smartwatches change the way we interact with our news feeds? Make your predictions in the comments below.