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What is an RSS Widget WordPress App and Why Use It

When starting a WordPress blog, you may be asked whether or not you wish to add an RSS widget to your blog. While most tech savvy people know what RSS widgets are, beginners to the world of blogging might not. The following will clear up what an RSS widget WordPress app is, what it does, and why your blog may need one.

An RSS widget WordPress app is a feature that is offered to bloggers on the WordPress platform. This app allows bloggers to take feeds from their favorite websites or blogs, and place them on their blog.

This RSS widget WordPress app allows people to share favorite websites and blogs with other people who might be interested in the same topic. Sharing this information can be a great way to network and build connections with other people in the blogging community.

The RSS widget WordPress app that posts regular updates and feeds to your blog isn’t the only app available from WordPress. Bloggers have the opportunity to use an RSS feed widget. An RSS feed widget is different from the RSS widget WordPress app that shows updates. RSS feed widgets are designed to provide blog visitors with a chance to receive notification of when a blog has been updated with a comment or new post.

Adding the WordPress RSS widget for feeds can be beneficial to your blog. These RSS widgets are beneficial because they can help build a loyal following for your blog. All they need to do to follow your blog is click on the RSS button and they will receive updates on their smartphone, email, or RSS feed website.

People are often more willing to follow a blog that uses an RSS widget WordPress app than one that uses sends updates via email. This is because there is no email address or subscription required with the RSS widget WordPress app. People just need to click the button, enter some information, and they receive updates. No information is shared with the blog owner, and therefore blog followers still have a certain level of privacy.