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The Capabilities of Android RSS Widget

For the longest time, I had one of the most outdated phones on the planet. That might be a mild exaggeration, but at the very least, I was still a flip phone user in a land of people who spoke only in references to smart phone operations. It was a humbling yet irritating time in my life. Eventually, I overcame my laziness about getting a smart phone and purchases one, and admittedly, it is much easier to use, especially for the internet, than my old flip phone.

While I was considering what phones to get, I was also doing research on what applications and benefits there were to different phones, as well as the add ons I could get to any phone, something that was not really possible with my old phone that barely understood how to access my text messages. I had never used apps before, and was only familiar with widgets in terms of my computer, and even then I only used them to check the local weather, which is inaccurate no matter where you try to read it from.

I like following rss feeds. RSS stands for rich site summary, and they are basically a group of web feed formats that publish updates to multiple works like blogs, comics, videos, news and more in a standard format. So, what options for rss widget android were available for me? Were there such things as rss widgets?

As it turned out, there are rss widget android. If you are not familiar with rss widgets, they quickly connect you to the rss feeds you are interested in following. The rss widget android allows you to have widgets for specific sites, so, for example, there is a wordpress rss widget. The android rss widget is reviewed as operating pretty well, and most users enjoy the way it allows them to gain quick access to their favorite sites. I like using the rss widget wordpress, and it has definitely made my rss widget android experience a positive one.