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Understanding What A RSS Feed Widget Is

In order to understand what a RSS feed widget is, you must first understand what RSS is. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. It’s a format that’s used with regularly changing web content, which is why there are a few different types of RSS feed widgets available today. For instance, there is an Android RSS widget and there’s also a WordPress RSS widget. These RSS widgets are typically used with news related websites, weblogs and other online publications that wish to be syndicated.

Ther are a lot of great benefits to using a RSS reader widget, including:
1. A RSS widget retrieves the latest content from the websites that you’re interested in so that you can easily stay up to date.
2. This will do away with your need to join a bunch of email newsletters.
3. With a RSS widget you can grab the RSS feeds from a variety of websites and display them in a way that’s easy for you to read and use.
4. This is handy whenever you want to embed or display your favorite RSS feed because all you have to do is specify the URL, click create and a short piece of code is then available for you to place on your website.
5. It will bring your favorite real time content to you.

There are numerous readers available to pick up these RSS feeds. Of course, some are much more than others. Some of them are free while others you’ll need to pay a fee for. Once you’ve taken the time to browse around and find the feed reader that’s going to work best for you, you’ll be able to find a lot of different websites that syndicate content. You can then easily add their RSS feed to your list of feeds in your feed reader, which will then check for any updates, on a regular basis, for you.