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A Widget is Not Just a Baby Gremlin

The word widget has been used for many things throughout the coining of the term. From a metaphorical and imaginary manufactured good all the way to the name used for a male baby Gremlin, the most common use of the word when it comes to a web application with limited or specific functions. These applications can range from gas station finders to photograph apps on smartphones all the way to Android RSS widgets. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is the technology that sends recently published materials from one website or blog to another simply by subscribing to another RSS feed using RSS widgets. The popularity of RSS feed widgets are growing because, as the number of mobile device users become more ingrained in their smartphones and tablets, they want up to the minute information on certain topics.

Take the time to explore how RSS widgets can improve your level of being informed. Start by subscribing to a blog through the WordPress RSS widget and see what type of blogs you can track down that offer information on the things you are interested in. Sports, cakes, squirrel pictures, and everything in between can be found in the countless number of blogs out there and RSS widgets can keep you up to date on the latest pictures of the furry little animals carrying around acorns and other nuts from around the world. The best part about using RSS widgets is that, once you subscribe, the information is delivered to you like your own personal news feed. These are useful for business, art, news, and every other area of interest that exists in the human brain. Give yourself the ability to catch news, as it happens, and share it with many other people who can benefit from being up to date.